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As attention is called all around the world to how our lifestyle of indiscriminate consumption without care for the consequences to the planet is actually beginning to threaten our future, people more and more, are really beginning to think about the benefits of solar power, and how they can really turn things around for planet Earth.

Now solar power is hardly a new technology. But it’s been quite expensive and quite inefficient for the longest time. The underdeveloped nature of this technology has provided plenty of fodder to people who see this is an unviable technology. They have long dismissed any attempt to produce power from sunlight as a kind of pipe dream.

But now that solar power technology has been developed to a point where it can be seen as an efficient and cost-effective solution to one’s power problems, it’s getting more and more difficult for the opposition to actually make a point stick.

The benefits of solar power are finally able to be realized now though, now that it is no longer as expensive as it was when it started out. Let’s take a short look at what these benefits are, and how it really makes sense to make the switch now.

Above anything else, people turn to solar power for the way it allows one to produce energy with practically no greenhouse gases or other pollutants embedded. If it weren’t for the real potential that solar power had, the government wouldn’t grant generous grants to homes that invested in solar equipment. And manufacturers of solar power systems wouldn’t lease these systems out to residential homes for free, with the agreement that the lease holders who will buy all electricity produced by the unit for less than what the utilities charge.

If manufacturers can give solar power systems away for free and make a profit on less than what the utilities charge, you didn’t believe that solar is ready to go mainstream.

There are environmental benefits to solar power that people don’t normally see. For instance, a good part of the power that is produced by power generation plants, is just lost on the way. Transmission losses can be considerable. When you de-centralized power production like this – putting solar panels on every roof – the power is consumed right where it is produced. It helps transmission losses, and it helps cut down on unnecessary pollution.

And finally, let’s look at how using solar power does a lot more than just help the environment. It helps the economy too. Employment websites routinely point to solar installation jobs  tod people without a college education. When you go silver, they actually help the economy and society.

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